The New Era
of Smart Cleaning.

Protection from the hidden and the invisible.


MicroSafe Australia has partnered with Avalon Steritech, part of the Avalon Group, a biomedical group of companies focused on developing next-generation healthcare solutions to benefit humanity and improve lives.

MicroSafe and Avalon Steritech are making the most advanced AI-powered cleaning and disinfecting device available to the Australian market for the first time.

The WHIZ GAMBIT was born out of a collaboration between SoftBank Robotics and Avalon Steritech, now using the world’s most advanced disinfectant, our Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser, globally.

    World-Class AI Cleaning & Disinfection

    • Best-in-class autonomous-driving AI for route design and obstacle avoidance
    • Vacuum cleaning and disinfection 2-in-1

    24/7 Accessibility and Reliability

    • Consistent performance to prevent human error or spot-cleaning
    • Optimise operations and workflow with less effort and a better result

    Easy to Set Up, to Use, and to Monitor

    • User friendly operating system allowing for route design and deployment
    • Check route completion records to provide peace of mind

    Dry-mist Spray Technology

    • Advanced nozzle and pump technology to generate disinfectant particles in dry mist form.
    • High material and electronic equipment compatibility
    • Unlike many other technologies like UV, Nanocyn is approved by all major global regulators globally. 

    Enormous Cost Savings, working day and night.

    The Whiz Gambit can significantly reduce labour costs. Even at the most conservative estimates, the machine repays itself after less than 1 year.

    Detailed Reporting, Predictable results.

    Each machine runs the sophisticated WHIZ CONNECT software, which provides detailed live reporting, ensuring detailed reporting and up-to-date information.

    Outright Ownership or Lease Options are available.

    We understand that every business operates differently. We have outright ownership, payment plan and lease options available to suit your business needs.

    Trusted By High-End Facility Management Companies, Hotels, Healthcare, Private & Public Asset Owners Around The Globe.


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