Today’s Health Risks Call For The Most Advanced Infection Control Technology.

Nanocyn® has been officially approved to kill


in 30 seconds.

Nanocyn® is 100% natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH-neutral.

With the current pandemic on the way, it is essential for businesses to not fall for clever advertising and companies trying to benefit from the crisis. The Australian Government regulates disinfectants as medical devices – only use products that are approved and with all claims, including residual effects, officially validated.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic is by far the biggest infection event in living memory, the MicroSafe Group has been on the ground and actively fighting major outbreaks globally for almost 20 years. We were there for SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012 and in the field during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Antibiotic-Resistance and deadly viruses are a real threat and on the rise. Current infection control products and application methods are only reaching about 25% of room surfaces. Significant advancements in infection control technology are rendering yesterdays’ products and procedures obsolete. Today you need an effective system, 100% natural, cost-efficient and easy-to-use, able to significantly reduce labour costs. You need a registered technology with global approvals and scientific backing which can produce predictable, repeatable results. You need to make your space healthier for your staff, visitors and patients.

You need more than just a good product. You need a fully integrated solution that is delivering real results,
no matter the challenge.

The infection control industry hasn’t changed much in decades. Buckets, rags, mops and more recently microfibre are still relied upon at most facilities, even though they can leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. Inconsistent applications, employee error as well as time and cost constraints are all taking part in the ever-increasing infection crisis we are facing.

Are you losing the fight against infections?


Associated Infections (HAIs) are costing the taxpayer $270 Million per year.

Child Care

Facilities are suffering huge reputation loss when an outbreak occurs.

Aged Care

Outbreak cleaning can easily cost $25,000 per occurrence, not including loss of reputation.


Sickness causes $33 Billion of damage in lost productivity in Australia.

Australian Teachers

Have one of the highest sick rates, more than 11.6 days on average, costing millions.


Is rightly cracking down on the use of toxic and harmful chemicals at the workplace.

You need a technology that is ticking all the innovation boxes, without compromise:

Entered into the TGA-ARTG as a Registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant

100% Natural • Non-Toxic • Non-Corrosive • Alcohol-Free • 100% Biodegradable - Kills COVID-19 in 30 seconds.

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MicroSafe® provides multiple touchless disinfection systems, the most advanced infection control systems available, for any facility.


The MicroSafe Group is the world leader in various fumigation techniques, having refined the process for over 20 years. More important than the process itself is the product being used for fumigation to avoid damage and liability concerns. Nanocyn® has undergone the most stringent and most difficult material safety testing by world-renowned testing providers. This ensures not just peace of mind from an efficacy point of view, having multiple international governmental approvals, but also for Asset/Liability managers.

Our technology is already in use around the world in various industries for almost 20 years.
We were there during the 2003 SARS outbreak, the 2012 MERS outbreak, on the ground in Sierra Leone in 2014 during the Ebola crisis and are of course very active with the current 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Aged Care
Child Care
Professional Sport Teams

Empowering workers to improve public health.

Nanocyn® and its unique application technology are fighting infections and are reducing sickness in any facility. Nanocyn® is groundbreaking in its application, 100% natural and registered globally with a 0-0-0-A safety rating. There are no safety precautions when using Nanocyn®, no masks, gloves or goggles. Cleaning and facility staff report that they love using the technology, not being exposed to any toxins whatsoever resulting in more thorough use and ultimately better results, a healthier outcome for everyone.

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