Leaders in
Testing & Approvals.

Not just empty claims – MicroSafe® products are all backed by independent testing and regulatory approvals.

When choosing MicroSafe® products, you can have the peace of mind that they will meet each and every claim made about their effectiveness and safety.

Our Microcyn® technology has been backed by over 30 clinical studies and research papers globally and has earned numerous international accreditations and endorsements.

All our products have been verified by and registered with the most rigorous and reputable regulatory bodies and testing standard organisations in the world, including:

In Australia

Entered into the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) ARTG as a “Registered, Hospital Grade Disinfectant”

The only GECA Certified, registered hospital-grade disinfectant of its kind in Australia.

Global Material Safety

Passed Multiple Aviation Material Standards

Passed Multiple Automotive Material Standards

Passed AMS Standard

Passed Multiple ASTM Standards

International Approvals

U.S. EPA Approval for Hospital Grade Disinfectant

39 European CE Mark Notified Body Approvals (Biocide, Hard Surface Disinfection, Medical Device Disinfection, Wound Care, Dermatology)

15+ EN Standards for antimicrobial efficacy

U.S. FDA (21 Clearances for Wound Care, Dermatology, Oral Care and Eye Care)

Health Canada (Disinfection)

ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified

and many more.

Australia’s most trusted and recognised eco-label

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) is Australia’s only independent, not-for-profit, multi-sector eco labelling program, and the only Australian member with GENICES recognition from the Global Eco labelling Network (GEN).

What does a GECA eco-label mean?

When you purchase a product with a GECA eco-label you can be sure that:

  • The product has been rigorously assessed for its environmental impact over its entire lifecycle and has been deemed “environmentally preferable” in terms of:

○ Biodegradability
○ Impact on aquatic life
○ Packaging and waste generation
○ VOC (volatile organic compounds) and phosphorus content

  • The product has been assessed for potential toxicity and carcinogenic/mutagenic properties and was found to be non-toxic, including limited use of fragrances and enzymes.
  • You’re making a healthier choice for you, your family, and our planet
  • You are supporting a business that has committed to meeting the highest environmental and ethical standards in production and materials sourcing, including ensuring that their workers get fair pay, equal opportunities, and a safe working environment.
  • The manufacturer has not been involved in “greenwashing” (making unsubstantiated claims about its environmental impact).


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