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Reducing the risk of infection, giving you a healthier team for the whole season.

Acute illness can cause a reduction in exercise performance, an interruption to training, and even result in missing an important competition. Acute infective illness can affect several organ systems causing a decrease in exercise performance through several mechanisms, including impaired motor coordination, decreased muscle strength, reduced aerobic capacity, and alterations in metabolic function. Furthermore, the presence of fever causes a decrease in the body’s ability to regulate body temperature and increases fluid losses, thereby impairing endurance performance. Outside of competition, the most common illnesses in athletes (and in the general population), are also viral infections of the upper respiratory tract (i.e. the common cold), which are more common in the winter months. Adults typically experience two to four episodes per year, although this can be higher during intensified training and competition due to the additional physiological and psychological stress.

The most common illnesses are those affecting the respiratory tract, with most studies indicating that about 40-60% of all acute illness episodes in athletes during competitions and tournaments affect the respiratory tract. Common symptoms of an upper respiratory illness include a sore throat, headache, fatigue, runny nose and/or watery eyes. Other parts of the body commonly affected by illness are the digestive system (10-20%), skin and underlying tissues (10-15%) and the genitourinary system (5-10%).

High-Performance Athletes Have Low Immune Defences After Exercise.

Research is showing that more than 90 minutes of high-intensity endurance exercise can make athletes susceptible to illness for up to 72 hours after the exercise session.

Nanocyn® helping a prominent Australian AFL Team Through The Season


A prominent AFL Team contacted MicroSafe after hearing about Nanocyn®. The team’s medical staff had severe problems during the off-season dealing with several issues, most notably foot fungus, skin infections and respiratory problems. Some of the issues were so severe that it prevented some players from being able to prepare properly for the upcoming season, a crucial time to get the team into shape. The team had just recently moved into a brand new training facility and opted to train at a secondary location due to the severity of the problem.


MicroSafe met with the Team and evaluated the entire facility. Although a new facility with a cleaning schedule, no comprehensive disinfecting plan was in place to protect the players and staff. There were many cross contamination areas which make the elimination of any pathogens difficult. MicroSafe trained the AFL team’s staff on how to use the Dynafog machines and also how to disinfect the area properly without causing any interruption to the daily schedule. Staff is now disinfecting various areas including the changing rooms, medical treatment rooms, massage rooms, gym, hydrotreatment pool as well as general areas on a daily basis. Additionally, there are 500ml Nanocyn® bottles on each massage bench as well as at each gym equipment for immediate use.

The team’s medical staff have reported a significant decrease in problem infections. The general player sick rates are way below the league’s average with no players missing a game due to illness besides actual injuries. Using Nanocyn® has been so successful that the team has expanded the use of the product to disinfect away game facilities before the teams’ arrival. The support staff travelling ahead of the team is fumigating the changing rooms and other relevant areas before the team arrives, creating a hospital-grade environment every single time. The machines and product are easily transported even on aircraft as there are zero hazards.

The Nanocyn® Disinfectant & Sanitiser and identical overseas sister product MicroSafe® Disinfectant & Sanitizer are in use with some of the biggest and most successful sports team in the world, including:

International Football Teams • Aspire Sports Academy Qatar • Australian AFL Football Teams • Australian Rugby League Teams • International Olympic Teams • European Football Teams • UFC Fighting Locations • Multiple Tennis Academies

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