Creating a safer environment while keeping staff healthy and productive.

During any given workday, you and your co-workers touch numerous surfaces – when you open a door, pour a cup of coffee, and press buttons on the copier. Although none of these acts would make you think twice, here’s something that might: Some surfaces in an office can harbour more germs than a kitchen cutting board, a pet’s food dish, and a toilet seat. Bacteria may be among the most productive organisms at many workplaces – but there’s no need to quit your job to stay healthy. Practising some basic hygiene at the office can help keep germs at bay: Wash your hands frequently, and try not to touch your eyes, mouth, and nose. Also, be sure to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, and stay home if you’re sick. Finally, surfaces and objects in the office must be disinfected frequently with a safe, 100% natural and registered disinfectant.

Employee absenteeism is estimated to cost the Australian economy $33 billion in lost productivity, according to the Absence Management Survey from Direct Health Solutions. While not all absenteeism can be attributed to sickness directly, the survey of 103 Australian businesses found employees are absent from work for an average of 9.5 days each year, up from 8.9 days in 2013, costing businesses real money.

So You Have A Professional Facility Management Company Cleaning Your Office?

Unfortunately, your keyboards won’t be cleaned or even touched. Keyboards are a “No touch item” and excluded from cleaning and disinfecting in any cleaning contract with a professional facility management company due to data protection and security requirements. Keyboards are usually never cleaned or disinfected. An internal ATP swap test confirmed that a keyboard is the most contaminated item in any office, which is a big concern, especially in the modern “hot desk” offices. It means that while the office might have been cleaned, they keyboards most definitely haven’t been. Cleaning and disinfecting are two different steps. Cleaning removes dirt, grime and particles while only disinfection with a registered product ensures a germ-free environment.

Nanocyn® At Work In A Large Corporate Office Environment:


A large corporate office in Sydney’s CBD struggled with increasing staff sickness. The company tried many methods of keeping the facility as clean as possible and also asked the contracted Facility Management Company implement a chemical-free cleaning program. Not achieving the expected results with cleaning alone, the company asked their FMC to look for a suitable disinfecting method. The requirements where that the product is non-toxic, non-allergenic and that causes no harm to staff and equipment. It had to be 100% natural and be alcohol-free. The company was also very adamant that the disinfecting product is registered, causes no disruption to the office flow, causes no irritations with staff and has zero OH&S issues.


The Facility Management Company offered Nanocyn® as the perfect solution to the company. The FMC included the fumigation of the office three days a week after evening cleaning, creating a hospital-grade disinfected space for the next day. The fumigation was extended to daily during the flu season. By fumigating the office with a very fine mist with droplets of 40 microns or less, every exposed surface is covered with an extremely fine layer of the disinfectant, including the keyboards. The layer air-dries within just a few minutes, eliminating the need to hand wipe the surfaces. The company also provided 500ml spray bottles for all staff to use throughout the day at desks and kitchen. The fumigation was quickly incorporated into the workflow of the FMC as there are no OH&S requirements to worry about.

Sick days of employes feel drastically since Nanocyn® has been implemented, employees immediately noticed the absence of odours in the morning and are delighted that the Management opted for a 100% natural and 100% biodegradable solution. Productivity is up, sick days are down, the staff is happier, and the FMC has a major point of difference over the competition, now offering the disinfecting program to all of their clients.

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