The first vital piece of information is that a cleaner does not disinfect, nor does a disinfectant clean. This means that if you whip out your all-purpose cleaner to kill those nasty bathroom germs, you haven’t actually done much at all.

A traditional all-purpose cleaner is designed to lift dirt off a surface. While many germs will be physically removed during this process, the all-purpose cleaner won’t get everything. A disinfectant, on the other hand, is designed to kill bacteria, germs, etc. due to the special ingredients it contains. It is not intended to lift dirt off a surface or make it shiny as an all-purpose cleaner would.

So here’s the key: If you want to clean and disinfect a surface, you need to begin by cleaning it – removing the dirt, using an all-purpose cleaner and/or microfibre cloth – and then apply disinfectant afterwards to get rid of the bacteria. This is referred to as the “two-step” cleaning process, standard in Hospitals around the world.

One-step Wonders

With the advent of faster, better, and stronger products, we’ve seen cleaners with disinfectants — ”one-step” cleaning products. Using the one-step or two-step process does not guarantee you that have cleaned AND disinfected surface, and here’s why: We have been trained (by commercials) to think that disinfectants work on contact—that you can spray them on, which, Boom! Kills bacteria, and then wipe them away. Not so. Read the fine print on that product and you’ll see that they need time to work which is commonly referred to as the “contact time”.

How To Disinfect Correctly:

A few simple steps ensure complete protection:

  • Clean the targeted surface with a high-quality microfibre cloth (eco-cloth), removing all surface dirt and grime.
  • Spray the Nanocyn  & Sanitiser on to the targeted area, covering it with a fine mist.
  • Let it air dry (product leaves no residue) or wipe dry after a few minutes if you need the area back in use.

The area is now disinfected to a hospital-grade level.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding how to use the Nanocyn Disinfectant & Sanitiser.

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