Reducing the risk of infection, keeping patients, staff and the community healthier.

The battle against infections in healthcare settings never stops. We are losing the fight against infection with more and more reports and studies detailing the increase in antimicrobial mutations against traditional methods such as alcohol. Old procedures are increasingly ineffective; more and more facilities are refusing to use toxic chemicals around their patients and employees. Nanocyn is the future of infection control we have so desperately need. Besides the detailed unmatched advantages of the actual product, our industry-leading and unique application technologies offer so much more:

  • Minimal training
  • Integrates easily into any cleaning process
  • Reduces human error
  • Delivers results up to 3x greater than traditional disinfecting equipment in way less time
  • Allows for more efficient use of resources
  • Cuts cost and leaving more time for other tasks

A significant reduction in pathogens in healthcare environments when using Nanocyn® (MicroSafe) has been reported in a detailed study. The fact that Nanocyn® is registered with the authority and 100% natural puts it at the forefront of the next level of infection control.

HAIs are a big problem.

            • 165.000 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) per year
            • 380.600 Extra Public Hospital Beds per year
            • Bacteria are becoming resistant to alcohol-based disinfectants

Nanocyn® at work in a prominent healthcare facility:


A facility in NSW has experienced high levels of hospital-acquired infections which were much above the average. Looking back at the records it became clear, that the increase started when the facility switched to a microfibre cleaning system while also deciding to dilute their disinfectant product (against the manufacturer recommendation) below recommended levels, to reduce the toxicity of the product. The product was causing problems with both patients and staff as well as discolouring materials. Not using the microfibre properly and treating the contaminated surfaces with an effectively inactive solution to disinfect caused the spread of C. Diff and other pathogens.


The MicroSafe Team evaluated the entire facility and came up with a comprehensive plan to tackle the problem head-on. Every patient room stocked a bottle of Nanocyn® to deal with immediate on the spot contaminations. The fumigation machines were implemented in all common areas, bathrooms, hallways and lifts throughout the day to ensure all communal touch-points are as clean as possible. The fumigation machines were used for every terminal clean of patient rooms as well as for isolation units. The patients remained in the room during fumigation of the isolation units, drastically reducing the workload and infection risk by not having to move the patients to another clean and secure area during room treatment.

The facilities’ infection rates are now way below the national average, even during the flu season. Employee sick rates are reduced significantly while an overall better environment has been reported from both patients and staff. The facility was able to lower its infection control cost by almost a third, leaving staff available for other tasks. All toxic chemicals have been removed from cleaning and disinfecting tasks, reducing OH&S training and safety requirements.

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